Wednesday, February 3, 2010

All hail Michael Dell!

Well, at least photographic archivists and scholars should hail him. He bought the print archive from Magnum, spending a lot of money, rumored over 100 million for almost 200,000 prints, and instead of burying them in a distant mine with a few people to scan orders, they're at the Ransom Center, on loan.

We're talking about the first great agency run by the photographers themselves, people like Cartier-Bresson, Danny Lyons, Capa, and almost a hundred more. Some of the famous photos are there, from D-Day on, but also some of the lesser known ones that will shed light on the photographers. It will be an accessible study collection, so students and others can actually see the great prints and the lesser ones that are no less important to scholars.

So take that, He Who Will Not Be Mentioned Because He's Had Enough Press Space! Thank you Michael Dell, for thinking of preserving them and making them accessible, instead of hiding and hoarding them for the chance of making even more money.

We thank you!

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