Sunday, September 28, 2008

Everything Old is New Again

We've had a little more excitement in Louisville - first the earthquake that struck while I was here at MAC talking about (what else?) disaster preparedness, then the first ever hurricane to hit town. We lost a couple of trees, a gutter and a downspout, my nerve (I was standing next to one tree, rescuing the downspout when it went), and ten days of electricity.

The good part is that the spoiled food in garbage cans lining the alley were a raccoon buffet, I met a nice neighbor with a chainsaw, and I caught up with some reading by candlelight.

The best was from The Primary Source, by Chatham Ewing, about using NUCMUC to catch up on collection level cataloging of special collections.

You remember collection level work, don't you? The big kickoff from ARL at LC in 2003? We all said, yea, in our spare time, right.

You remember NUCMUC, don't you? Well, maybe not. But it will help libraries and archives without the time and expertise create those records and get them into OPACs.

I recommend checking it out. Unless you have too many catalogers and too much time on your hands.

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