Thursday, August 21, 2008

The new WebJunction

Public librarians know WebJunction well, but academic and special librarians haven't, and archivists have no clue. It's no surprise, we all have plenty to do and read as it is. WJ is like Facebook without the annoying pokes and such.

WJ has just added sections to broaden its appeal and widen its usage. There are now sections for all of the above. To get the ball rolling, I've started a preservation group. I've posted a few book repair manuals and just now, a link to three short book repair videos created by Rachel Hoff's students at UNC.

I encourage you to use this. It's a great place for getting special/archives/museums together to talk and share - which may lead to grants, since that's a new focus for federal grants!

There's also a discussion list where we can get together.

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Emily I said...

Thanks for getting started on WebJunction. I look forward to seeing you and your preservation colleagues there!

Emily @ WebJunction